{she is 11}

I can’t quite get over the fact that I ‘own’ an eleven year old. I don’t own, she’s just on long-term loan, but you know what I mean.  As they get older the parties get harder to organise, and I’m ever hopeful that they might be over although that being said, this one was delightful mainly because there was no mess to clear up and I didn’t have to do the food, her dad did.

So this was an art party.  Based in the back of a paint shop in East Dulwich, Colour Makes People Happy.  There’s this big spinning plate which you attach lining paper too, the plate spins (on/off was Cy’s job) and then the artist drips paint on the paper moving outwards. A few colours are chosen and of course the amount poured, thickness etc varies the outcome of the artwork.  The girls loved it, as did I.  Cyrus, who is usually too shy to engage in parties was also well up for making one although he, like his girl Blu, needed Daddy support.

Thank you Simon for a party I’m sure that they won’t forget.

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