Lyanne Wylde Sun, 16 Oct 2016 16:50:59 +0000 en-US hourly 1 {she is 11} Sun, 16 Oct 2016 16:50:26 +0000 [Read more...]]]> I can’t quite get over the fact that I ‘own’ an eleven year old. I don’t own, she’s just on long-term loan, but you know what I mean.  As they get older the parties get harder to organise, and I’m ever hopeful that they might be over although that being said, this one was delightful mainly because there was no mess to clear up and I didn’t have to do the food, her dad did.

So this was an art party.  Based in the back of a paint shop in East Dulwich, Colour Makes People Happy.  There’s this big spinning plate which you attach lining paper too, the plate spins (on/off was Cy’s job) and then the artist drips paint on the paper moving outwards. A few colours are chosen and of course the amount poured, thickness etc varies the outcome of the artwork.  The girls loved it, as did I.  Cyrus, who is usually too shy to engage in parties was also well up for making one although he, like his girl Blu, needed Daddy support.

Thank you Simon for a party I’m sure that they won’t forget.

v-is-11_0310 v-is-11_0311 v-is-11_0312 v-is-11_0313 v-is-11_0314 v-is-11_0315 v-is-11_0316 v-is-11_0317 v-is-11_0318 v-is-11_0319 v-is-11_0320 v-is-11_0321 v-is-11_0322 v-is-11_0323 v-is-11_0324 v-is-11_0325 v-is-11_0326 v-is-11_0327 v-is-11_0328 v-is-11_0329 v-is-11_0330

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Nanna is 103 Thu, 18 Aug 2016 07:13:51 +0000 [Read more...]]]> The grandmothership turned 103 on 15th August and this year we celebrated with a trip to Sissinghurst Gardens.  Not being a garden person myself I thought we’d just be catching Pokemon and preparing my belly for a lunchtime feast, however, I was really taken with the gardens and the story or Harold and Vita who lived there, worked there and designed the beautiful garden.  Highlights for me: the white garden (I would just love a garden with only white and silvery plants) and the herb garden.

sissighurst nanna_0149

sissighurst nanna_0171  sissighurst nanna_0172 sissighurst nanna_0170 sissighurst nanna_0169 sissighurst nanna_0168 sissighurst nanna_0167 sissighurst nanna_0166 sissighurst nanna_0165 sissighurst nanna_0164 sissighurst nanna_0163 sissighurst nanna_0162 sissighurst nanna_0161 sissighurst nanna_0160 sissighurst nanna_0159 sissighurst nanna_0158 sissighurst nanna_0157 sissighurst nanna_0156 sissighurst nanna_0155 sissighurst nanna_0154 sissighurst nanna_0153 sissighurst nanna_0152 sissighurst nanna_0151 sissighurst nanna_0150 sissighurst nanna_0173

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{zakynthos} Tue, 17 Nov 2015 14:20:53 +0000 [Read more...]]]> We hired bikes for a few days which enabled us to a) burn beer & baklava calories b) see this beautiful island from a different perspective c) kill our legs, especially his, mine are spin-fit 😉 and d) just take it easy and soak up the warm October sunshine without dehydrating or burning.  That said, I did get a bit of a tan, enhanced by shooting a roll of Ektar.  These images cover a few days out.  Firstly we cycled to the iconic Navagio or ship wreck beach.  You can only access this beach from the sea and we’ve done that a few times but never from the top.  This was an epic ride but so worth it. You need to walk around the top to get to this view and it’s not for the faint hearted but the views from up there are breathtaking as you can see.

film photography zakynthos film_0616 zakynthos film_0617

The next day I suggested a leisurely ride into Zante town. Yeah, not sure I know what a leisurely ride it but we made it up to Bochali for a coffee and to giggle at locals in their active wear…zakynthos film_0618 zakynthos film_0619 zakynthos film_0620zakynthos film_0622

Okay, so we have hired bikes, need to use them and today we rode out to the Blue Caves, you can’t actually see much if anything from the cliff but it was a beautiful ride, very hard, lots of undulating hills, saw millions of big fat hairy caterpillars on the road, loads of lizards, some big birds and a of sweat.  Most people looking at us like we were mad, there’s not much cycling on this island but thankfully at this time of year there’s not much traffic either so it was safe.zakynthos film_0621  zakynthos film_0623 zakynthos film_0624 zakynthos film_0625 zakynthos film_0626 zakynthos film_0627 zakynthos film_0628 zakynthos film_0629 zakynthos film_0630 zakynthos film_0631 zakynthos film_0632 zakynthos film_0633 zakynthos film_0634 zakynthos film_0635 zakynthos film_0636 zakynthos film_0637 zakynthos film_0638 zakynthos film_0639 zakynthos film_0640 zakynthos film_0641

{seven sisters with my sister (from another mother)} Tue, 20 Oct 2015 11:15:58 +0000 [Read more...]]]> I spent a near perfect weekend with one of my bestest friends in the whole world.  I say near perfect as we had a run-in with an electric car. Never ever buy, hire, accept a lift from an electric car.  I shall say no more.  We drove down to the Seven Sisters Country Park and took a healthy 7 mile walk along the cliffs before making our electric way to Eastbourne for the night. We found a lovely hotel –Hotel Ravilious which I can’t recommend enough, it gives you a false sense of urban chic in this otherwise architecturally impressive but sleepy town.

All on film. Some of Beachy Head and then this hell hole we found ourselves stranded in…

portra 400_0472portra 400_0471                  portra 400_0476 portra 400_0474portra 400_0473 portra 400_0475portra 400_0478 portra 400_0479 portra 400_0480 portra 400_0469 portra 400_0468 portra 400_0467 portra 400_0466 portra 400_0477

{she is 10!} Thu, 01 Oct 2015 17:03:59 +0000 [Read more...]]]> For her tenth birthday – yes 10 – we decided to keep is small and intimate and treat ourselves to a decadent afternoon tea on board a lovely London bus.  The BB Bakery bus tour was a fun & sugary way to celebrate our little girl’s double figures. But blimey there was a lot of cake… Note the nose picking and the sad faces as they couldn’t guess where we were going…

V is 10 birthday lyanne wylde wedding_0316 lyanne wylde wedding_0317 lyanne wylde wedding_0318 lyanne wylde wedding_0319 lyanne wylde wedding_0320 lyanne wylde wedding_0321 lyanne wylde wedding_0322 lyanne wylde wedding_0323 lyanne wylde wedding_0324 lyanne wylde wedding_0325 lyanne wylde wedding_0326 lyanne wylde wedding_0327 lyanne wylde wedding_0328 lyanne wylde wedding_0329 lyanne wylde wedding_0330 lyanne wylde wedding_0331 lyanne wylde wedding_0332 lyanne wylde wedding_0333 lyanne wylde wedding_0334 lyanne wylde wedding_0335 lyanne wylde wedding_0336 lyanne wylde wedding_0337 lyanne wylde wedding_0338  lyanne wylde wedding_0340

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{we’re all going on a summer holiday} Wed, 23 Sep 2015 13:11:21 +0000 Well, we went and already it feels like many many moons ago.  I’ve been to Zante quite a few times now and this time was by far the best – with my babies, swimming until 8pm every day, tzatziki with every meal. Bliss.

zakynthos_0128 zakynthos_0113 zakynthos_0119 zakynthos_0114 zakynthos_0115 zakynthos_0121 zakynthos_0123 zakynthos_0122 zakynthos_0124 zakynthos_0125 zakynthos_0126 zakynthos_0152 zakynthos_0153 zakynthos_0154 zakynthos_0151    zakynthos_0147 zakynthos_0144 zakynthos_0145 zakynthos_0138 zakynthos_0137 zakynthos_0136 zakynthos_0120  zakynthos_0183 zakynthos_0139 zakynthos_0201   zakynthos_0193 zakynthos_0192 zakynthos_0191 zakynthos_0190 zakynthos_0188 zakynthos_0187 zakynthos_0186 zakynthos_0185 zakynthos_0184 zakynthos_0182 zakynthos_0181 zakynthos_0180 zakynthos_0179 zakynthos_0178 zakynthos_0177 zakynthos_0176 zakynthos_0175 zakynthos_0174 zakynthos_0173 zakynthos_0172 zakynthos_0171 zakynthos_0170 zakynthos_0169 zakynthos_0168  zakynthos_0166 zakynthos_0165 zakynthos_0164 zakynthos_0163 zakynthos_0162 zakynthos_0161 zakynthos_0160 zakynthos_0159 zakynthos_0158 zakynthos_0157 zakynthos_0156 zakynthos_0155 zakynthos_0146 zakynthos_0142 zakynthos_0141 zakynthos_0140 zakynthos_0135 zakynthos_0134 zakynthos_0133 zakynthos_0132 zakynthos_0131 zakynthos_0130 zakynthos_0129 zakynthos_0199 zakynthos_0200zakynthos_0209 zakynthos_0210

{milk} Tue, 25 Aug 2015 13:36:22 +0000 [Read more...]]]> I really like that milky green glass you can find, although i don’t own any. And I love the idea of Cleopatra bathing in milk, although not sure why she would, her skin may have felt softer but she would have smelt a bit ripe in the Egyptian heat.  With this in mind one rainy dull afternoon I enlisted the girl’s help to make a bath of milk and pop her in for photos.  Upon a quick google making a milky bath is quite cheap and easy and doesn’t require litres of semi skimmed, instead you need to use powdered milk, and thus hot water so the bath is warm! and cornflower which whitens it up.  Run the bath, add the powder to a bucket with hot water don’t mix it vigorously else you’ll end up with bubbles, add it slowly to your bath and there you have it 🙂  Next add willing model, and this was where i failed… Violet was not really in the mood (for all my efforts!).  But it was fun and I’ve not ruled out doing it again.

milk bath photography milk bath contemporary photography milk bath contemporary photography

milk bath contemporary photography

{Dreamland//Margate} Mon, 29 Jun 2015 11:31:02 +0000 [Read more...]]]> This month saw the re-opening on one of my childhood memories: DreamlandMargate has been a favourite place of mine to visit for a long time and I’ve previously captured the Grade II listed wooden scenic railway (which strangely burned down a few years back whilst competitions for its renovation were going on) and Arlington House which can be seen below as the brutal concrete tower slapped right on Margate’s frontage.  I love this block of decaying flats, it just needs a make over like some of the London brutal towers (think Trelick).

Margate is well overdue a rejuvenation and I think with the Turner Gallery and now with Dreamland re opening this will start to happen.  For those who don’t know Margate it’s right at the east end of Kent with beautiful sandy beaches (watch out for the pesky seagulls who stole V’s sausage!), a lido and a growing arts culture.  I booked tickets to visit on the opening weekend, mainly as a chance to capture it on camera but having the kids with me meant that there was also a lot of fun to be had too: candy to eat and screaming if you wanted to go faster.

lyanne wylde dreamland_2303There’s still a lot to be done at Dreamland, many of the rides weren’t open and I’m not sure if this was bad planning or additional precautions after recent other events.  This was disappointing but Dreamland have offered complimentary tickets as compensation which I’m grateful for as I desperately wanted to go on the big rainbow wheel, and to return, without the kids 🙂  As a county Kent doesn’t have any theme parks and whilst this is nothing like Chessington or Thorpe Park as this is a proper family day out – a pleasure park loaded with 1950s music, rides from through the ages and entertainment to add that extra something special to your day (the trolley dollys are fabulous).

lyanne wylde dreamland_2302Hopefully as the money pours in this season in they will be able to renovate the main Dreamland building and expand on what they’ve already installed.  I loved the whole ‘fun’ ethos which starts with its branding with a modern font and candy colours to the staff t-shirts, styling and just the general buzz of the place.  The rides themselves are aimed at the family with a mixture from rollercoasters to bumper cars, swing chairs and the mirror maze which Violet and I loved (the clue here is to look for sticky finger prints on the mirrors).

Highs: the staff, they lift the whole day with their fabulous styling to their fun and happy approach to your day, I just hope this vibe continues as the shine wears off (and that they weren’t all just there for the opening weekend… me, cynical?), the vintage arcade games – Cyrus LOVED the pinball, shooting games and horse racing. And overall I just felt really happy all day, like the candy colours and happy vibe just saturated my soul <3.

Lows: the toilets (seriously, no one wants to use portaloos, ever), many of the rides weren’t open, NO KISS ME QUICK HATS (I’m totally shocked and appalled by this buying oversight)

Some of these are my Dad’s images… I didn’t take the ones of me (aside from the obvious arm’s length selfies) nor the wall of death as I was waiting for V on the swing chairs. Cheers Dad!

lyanne wylde dreamland_2226

lyanne wylde dreamland_2222

lyanne wylde dreamland_2225 lyanne wylde dreamland_2224 lyanne wylde dreamland_2223  lyanne wylde dreamland_2221

lyanne wylde dreamland_2183 lyanne wylde dreamland_2182 lyanne wylde dreamland_2181 lyanne wylde dreamland_2180 lyanne wylde dreamland_2179 lyanne wylde dreamland_2178 lyanne wylde dreamland_2177 lyanne wylde dreamland_2176

dreamlands iphone-4

me and mine dreamlands iphone lyanne wylde wedding photographer_2175

lyanne wylde dreamland_2234lyanne wylde dreamland_2235

lyanne wylde dreamland_2237 lyanne wylde dreamland_2236lyanne wylde dreamland_2238  lyanne wylde dreamland_2233 lyanne wylde dreamland_2232 lyanne wylde dreamland_2231 lyanne wylde dreamland_2230 lyanne wylde dreamland_2229 lyanne wylde dreamland_2228 lyanne wylde dreamland_2227    lyanne wylde dreamland_2219 lyanne wylde dreamland_2218 lyanne wylde dreamland_2217 lyanne wylde dreamland_2216 lyanne wylde dreamland_2215 lyanne wylde dreamland_2214 lyanne wylde dreamland_2213 lyanne wylde dreamland_2212 lyanne wylde dreamland_2211 lyanne wylde dreamland_2210 lyanne wylde dreamland_2209 lyanne wylde dreamland_2208 lyanne wylde dreamland_2207 lyanne wylde dreamland_2206 lyanne wylde dreamland_2205 lyanne wylde dreamland_2204 lyanne wylde dreamland_2203 lyanne wylde dreamland_2202 lyanne wylde dreamland_2201 lyanne wylde dreamland_2200 lyanne wylde dreamland_2199 lyanne wylde dreamland_2197 lyanne wylde dreamland_2196  lyanne wylde dreamland_2194 lyanne wylde dreamland_2193

lyanne wylde dreamland_2195 lyanne wylde dreamland_2192 lyanne wylde dreamland_2191 lyanne wylde dreamland_2190 lyanne wylde dreamland_2189 lyanne wylde dreamland_2188 lyanne wylde dreamland_2187 lyanne wylde dreamland_2186 lyanne wylde dreamland_2185 lyanne wylde dreamland_2184


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{Dreamland before//Margate} Mon, 29 Jun 2015 11:27:09 +0000 Having just posted images from Dreamland‘s opening weekend I thought I’d dig through the archives and see what I have from before renovation and before the fire which damaged the Grade II listed scenic railway.

lyanne wylde dreamland_2328 lyanne wylde dreamland_2329 lyanne wylde dreamland_2330 lyanne wylde dreamland_2331

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{Arlington House//Margate} Mon, 29 Jun 2015 11:18:40 +0000 [Read more...]]]> Seeing as I’ve mentioned Arlington House in my Dreamland post I thought I’d share some old photos that I’d taken there before.  I’m not sure what the future hold for this tower block now, follow this link for more detail, I know Tescos were after it at some point. Please no, surely anyone can see why putting a huge supermarket on Margate’s sea front next to the new Dreamland would be a huge mistake?

lyanne wylde dreamland_2316lyanne wylde dreamland_2326

lyanne wylde dreamland_2322 lyanne wylde dreamland_2317 lyanne wylde dreamland_2318   lyanne wylde dreamland_2321   lyanne wylde dreamland_2323lyanne wylde dreamland_2325 lyanne wylde dreamland_2327

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